24x24in Table Top Photo Studio LED Light Camera Tripod/Cell Phone Holder

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Condition: Used
missing parts
Comes With:
This item includes all accessories provided by the manufacturer, EXCEPT: (3) x high output table top photography led light stand & color gel filter , (1) x high quality 24in x 24in photo studio light folding photo box ,

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If you are seriously considering purchasing a photo tent, this includes all the backdrops you will need to make your photos stand out.
It has a large removable front opening to allow for easy studio images in your home or office.

Top Photo Studio
Photography Light Tent Kit
Photography Softbox Studio


(1) x High Quality Photo Studio Light Folding Photo Box (24 x 24 inch)
Made of High Quality Fabric
Softens and reflects lights for a perfect shot
Eliminate glare and spots
Flocking fabric background included (Red, Black, Blue, White)
Transformed Convenient Carry Bag- All in one Carry Bag

(4) x High Output Table Top Photography LED Light Stand
Temperature: 5500K
Lumen : 570-600 lm
Beam angle: 120 Degree
Watt: 7W (equal to 70W incandescent bulb output)
Eliminate unexpected shadows
Height adjustable Max 10"
Hand-held use available
recommending not to leave these on for over an hour

(4) x Red Color Gel Filter for LED Light
(4) x Blue Color Gel Filter for LED Light

Red Color Gel Filter can Change the Kelvin Temperature to lower than 5500K
Blue Color Gel Filter can Change the Kelvin Temperature to higher than 5500K

(1) x Photography Camera Stand Tripod
Fully adjustable (Min 10.5" - Max 17"), premium quality with aluminum and steel
Large legs with skid reduction pads make it stand firmly

(1) x Cell Phone Clip Holder
Adjustable phone holder fits all phone width less than 3 inch
Compatible with iPhone 6 5S 5C 5 4S SamSung Galaxy S5 S4 S3