Complete Face Down Support System Package Post Vitrectomy

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The optimum way to complete the healing process of vitrectomy– asleep or awake. During the day, the Face Support System becomes a temporary seating mechanism to help you relax while writing, reading, eating, socializing or watching TV while facing down from Vitrectomy surgery. You may also be able to place the 2-Way Mirror in front of you to watch television On The Table,Desk or TV Tray. The Face Down Support can be used on top of a table or a desk as well. This is a great way to sit down with the family and yet still being able to face down. To use the Face Down Support on the table or desk, simply place the item on the table, while you are sitting on your own chair, lean towards the chest pad and place your head on the cushion. All the parts are adjustable. On The Bed. When you feel like laying down on your bed, place the Face Support System in between the box springs and the mattress at the end of your bed. If you have a footboard at the end of your bed or if sliding the mechanism in between the boxsprings and the mattress are not possible, you can use the Face Support System on top of the mattress. By placing a few pillows to your sides and torso, you will be able to sleep without worrying about rolling over. We also suggest the Basic Cushion or the Deluxe Cushion for sleeping. The Face Support is completely adjustable for the widest variety of body types, sizes and other physical considerations. The Face Down Support is very simple. No assembly or tools required .With a few quick and snappy adjustments, you will be able to set-up the Face Down Support in just a few minutes. Please contact us if you need extra help. Please contact us if you need more information or help with the setup. If you need the Facedown support on a specif day please let us know.