Top Digital Powerful Lab Stirrer mixer 2000RPM 20L 10000mPas 110V

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This a Magnetic stirrer with variable speed function, simple operation in a wider speed range, apply to a stable liquid stirring, especially for mixing a small volume of samples, petroleum, chemical, medical and it was specially designed for application in health, environmental, biochemical experiments , education and scientific research purpose. It is designed for the lab high viscosity of the liquid stirring and mixing, mixer used must be installed on the bearing, not hand operation.The machine features smooth, easy to use, the unique cantilevered design can prevent liquid into the machine. Though produces heat temperature rising when run continuously, the reasonable structure of the large scale cooling surface can let it down. It can be used in most cases application . Technical details: Voltage: 110V,60HZ Stirring quantity: 20 L(max) Motor rating input: 120 W Speed range I: 60 - 500 rpm Speed range II: 240 - 2000 rpm Viscosity:0-10000 mPas Torque max. at stirring shaft: 1850gcm Chuck range min. diameter 0.5 mm Chuck range max. diameter 10 mm Permissible ambient temperature 5 - 40? Permissible relative moisture 80 % Package included: 1 x Digital Stirrer (The glass bottle is not included.)