Riedel Horn Decanter, 88 oz, Yellow

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Condition: Open Box, Like New
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In homage to the central European heritage of the Riedel family in Austria and Bohemia, the Horn Decanter was inspired by the famous post horn, the symbol of the Austrian postal system. In the 18th and 19th centuries, horse-drawn carriages were used across Europe to deliver the post in the various cities. When they arrived, the postmen would blow the horns to let people know they were there. Well-known musicians of the time such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart used the horn in their music. The Austrian composer was born in 1756, the same year that the Riedel company was founded. Wine lovers and musicians alike can today hear the horn ringing out once again by blowing into the smaller of the two openings of the Horn Decanter. Hand-made decanter, crystal glass. WARNING: Bottle Cleaner pearls are not suitable for this decanter!