VIVOHOME Smart Heated Bidet Toilet Seat with Self-Cleaning Nozzle

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This item includes all accessories provided by the manufacturer, EXCEPT: some assembly hardware

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CONSIDERATE DESIGN - Equipped with double nozzles, the device allows for posterior rinsing and feminine rinsing, which protects the health of female (available even during a power failure); The nozzles are made of reliable material and have a self-cleaning function; The spraying angles and positions are designed for good ergonomics SIMPLE OPERATION - The multi-functional rotary knob on the right side of the toilet seat allows you to change the rinsing modes, start the warm air dryer, and control the lights easily; When rinsing, you can press the button to switch the mode from regular, powerful to massage cleaning; After rinsing, you can press the button to start the warm air function, which is simple to operate even by children and elders ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE - With 2 buttons on the left side of the toilet seat, you can set the temperature of the water, the seat and the warm air as you like; 3 levels of water temperature: 95℉/100.4℉/off (35℃/38℃/off); 3 levels of seat ring temperature: 91.4℉/98.6℉/off(33℃/37℃/off); 3 levels of warm air: 91.4℉/100.4℉/109.4 ℉(33℃/38℃/43℃); In addition, the lights between the 2 buttons can show different levels of the temperature SAFE AND RELIABLE - Under several aspects of protection, this smart bidet can effectively avoid electric shock, high temperature, fire hazard, high hydraulic pressure, and unnormal water-carrying capacity, ensuring the safety of you and your family; When the water temperature exceeds 109.4 ℉(43℃) or the seat temperature exceeds 113℉(45℃), it will stop heating at once INTELLIGENT SYSTEM - Equipped with a memory function, the warm air system will always send the air of an appropriate temperature; With a capacitive sensor to judge whether the device is being used or not, if you are sitting on the device for more than 5 minutes, the seat temperature will automatically switch to a lower temperature to protect you from being burnt