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VOVO STYLEMENT VB-4100SR Electronic Smart Bidet Round White

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Product Features - VOVO products are advanced functioning capable of preforming most if not all functions of high-end bidet seats at an economic price. - With premium and luxurious design, the easy DIY installation method makes it an instant change of an ordinary bathroom to a luxurious hotel spa. - Can be easily and conveniently used for all genders under all physical circumstances. - VOVO’s products are capable of feminine wash, posterior wash, and TURBO WASH at five different pressure levels. - Oscillation and massage can be performed at 5 different nozzle positions. - The product comes with three different levels of heated seat, warm dryer and warm water. - The full stainless nozzle preforms various functions through one nozzle three holes design, and the subtle LED nightlight guides users to the restroom during dark night times. About VOVO - VOVO Corporation’s was established in 2002 as a home appliances manufacturer and is producing integrated toilet, seat bidet and air purifiers. - VOVO is a specialist in the field of integrated toilets, smart bidets and air purifiers, as we design, build and test our own products at VOVO’s R&D factory located in Anseong, South Korea. - All VOVO’s products are made and quality tested in South Korea. Using high quality materials and engineering skills, VOVO’s products provide long lasting comfort and convenience to the users.