ForeverPRO 134426500 Inner Dr Panel Kit Wh for Frigidaire Washer

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This item includes all accessories provided by the manufacturer.

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ForeverPRO Washer Inner Dr Panel Kit Wh Part Number 134426500 (AP3672578) replaces 131278900 1042152 PS975857 Fits Frigidaire Washer. Compatible with Electrolux Frigidaire Gibson Kelvinator Westinghouse and others This is not a Frigidaire OEM product. Use of the Manufacturers trade names and logos are the registered trademarks of their respective owners. Any use of the Manufacturers brand name, part numbers or model designation for this product is made solely for purposes of demonstrating and for identification compatibility and are displayed for descriptive purposes only. Use of them does not associated with, imply any affiliation or endorsement by any manufacturer. Compatible with 41739012890 41739012891 41739022890 41739022891 970-C48112-10 BTF1240ES0 BTF1240ES1 BTF1240FS0 BTF1240FS1 CFW2000FW0 CFW2000FW1 CFW2000FW2 CRTF1240AS0 CRTR9300AS0 CTF140ES0 CTF140FS0 CTF140FS1 CTF140FS2 FCCW2000LS0 FCCW3000ES0 FCCW3000FS0 FCCW3000FS1 FCCW3000FS2 FCCW3000FS3 FCCW3000FS4 FTF1040AS0 FTF1240FS0 FTF1240FS1 FTF1240FS2 FTF530ES0 FTF530ES1 FTF530FS0 FTF530FS1 FTF530FS2 FTF530FS3 FTF530FS4 FTF630AS0 FTR630AS0 FWT425RHS0 FWT445GCS0 FWT445GES0 FWT445GES1 FWT445GES2 FWT449GFS0 FWT449GFS1 FWT449GFS2 FWT645RHS0 FWT645RHS1 FWT647GHS0 FWT647GHS1 FWT648GHS0 FWT867GHS0 FWTB59RGS0 FWTB69RGS0 FWTR445RFS0 FWTR445RFS1 FWTR445RFS2 FWTR549GG FWTR549GGS0 FWTR645RHS0 FWTR645RHS1 FWTR647GHS0 FWTR647GHS1 FWTR865RHS0 FWTR867GHS0 GLTF1040AS0 GLTF1240AS0 GLTF1570ES0 GLTF1570ES1 GLTF1570FS0 GLTF1570FS1 GLTF1570FS2 GLTF1570FS3 GLTF1670AS0 GLTF1670AS1 GLTF530DS0 GLTF530DS1 GLTR1670AS0 GLTR1670AS1 GLTR1670FS0 GLTR1670FS1 GMT1670AS0 GSTF1670AS0 GSTF1670DS0 GSTR1670AS0 GSTR1670DS0 GTF1040AS0 GTF1040CS0 GT