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(USED) LG 4986ER0004F Door Boot Seal Washing Machine, Gray

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Condition: Used
item has been used
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This item includes all accessories provided by the manufacturer, EXCEPT: the manual,

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Product Description This high quality OEM LG AEM73732901 Drain Hose is manufactured to exact specifications with durable materials and will fit a variety of LG Washing Machine models. Offering security and reliability that your LG Washing Machine will function correctly. This drain hose is 67.5" long and grey in color. Compatible Models: WT5680HVA, WT1001CW, WT1201CV, WT1201CW, WT5480CW, WT1101CW, WT5270CW, WT5680HWA, WT4970CW, T1309ADFH, T1309ADFH6, T1309ADFN, WT4801CW, WT4870CW, WT5001CW, WT5070CW, WT5101HV, WT5101HW, WT5170HV, WT5170HW, WT5170WH, WT1501CW, WT7600HKA, WT1801HVA, WT7600HWA, WT7700HVA, WT7200CW, WT7700HWA, WT1901CK, WT5680HVA/01, WT1701CV, 79631553610, 79631433710, 79631552610, WT7500CW, WT901CW, WT7300CV, WT7300CW, WT1301CW, WT1150CW, 31522, 25667, WT5075CW, 31512, 31552, 42652115, WT1901CW, 31622, WT901CF, WT1701CW From the Manufacturer This is a genuine replacement part. The model number and name for the following item is: Door Boot Seal 4986ER0004F LG gasket seal