W10820048 W10189077 Suspension Rod Kit by PartsBroz - Compatible Whirlpool

SKU: 4551796
Condition: Used
Light rusting
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This item includes all accessories provided by the manufacturer.

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W10189077 Rod Balancing Kit Replacement - A high-quality exact equivalent for part numbers W10820048, AP5985113, 280144, 8564009, 8566146, PS11723157, W10820048VP. Compatibility with major brands - Washer suspension set is compatible with Maytag, Whirlpool, Kenmore washing machine suspension rods. It fits hundreds of models and can be installed in a few minutes. Quick DIY repair - W10189077 Washing Machine Suspension Rods Kit will help if your appliance is noisy, shakes and moves. Our kit keeps the wash drum stable during unbalanced loads. Attentive support - If you are uncertain about whether the kit fits your washer, we will help you. We generally put forth a valiant effort to you are totally happy with your purchase.