About Us

About Us

Welcome to Madcheetah!

We buy and resell truckloads of customer returns and overstock by piece from largest US retailers. Once we inspect the product, we take photos and list them at our websites such as:

madcheetah.com/madBins – our online Bin Store
bid.madcheetah.com – our auction website
ebay.com/str/madcheetah – our ebay store

While most of our products are open box items, all of our products are second hand goods. You will find used items here and a small percentage may be incomplete, possibly broken, so please bid accordingly on our auction site where we do not accept returns and everything is sold as is, unless you sign up for a MadCheetah+ membership.


For details of our return policies on each item, see its corresponding item page.


Happy Shopping!


Madcheetah Team

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